Contemporary Art Bahamas, Nassau, Bahamas, February 24 – March 18, 2022

Nassau, Bahamas – CAB Gallery & Studio is pleased to announce the opening of Aquabotanica, an exhibition of new works by Bahamian Artists Lynn Parotti and Imogene Walkine. The exhibition will open on Thursday, February 24th from 12pm to 8pm.
Aquabotanica is a merging of two worlds, on land and under the sea: soft sea beds, spiky coral edges, blooming flowers and whirling leaves – it is a celebration of different environments and the way in which they live harmoniously on this planet.

It also exposes the coming together of two Artists who traditionally work in different mediums, but with a similar language. In this exhibition, Lynn Parotti and Imogene Walkine swap between painting and ceramics, and play with what happens when they overlap.

Aquabotanica honours unions: of spaces, of people, of artistic mediums – and reminds us of the beauty of our natural world.

CAB Gallery & Studio is a commercial art gallery in Nassau which provides a platform for Bahamian Artists to exhibit and sell their work.




Contemporary Art Bahamas