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Relational Undercurrents

The Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University, June 1 – September 23, 2018

Relational Undercurrents presents work by more than 70 artists covering a range of media. Despite the various colonial histories of the islands represented, this exhibition highlights thematic continuities within contemporary art of the Caribbean.

Artists on view at the Wallach: Elia Alba, Allora & Calzadilla, Ewan Atkinson, Nicole Awai, David Bade, René Emil Bergsma, Samir Bernárdez, Jorge Luis, Bradshaw, Ernest Breleur, Charles Campbell, María Magdalena, Campos-Pons, Tony Capellán, Fermín Ceballos, Vladimir Cybil Charlier, Camille Chedda, Nayda Collazo-Llorens, Natusha Croes, Tony Cruz, Blue Curry, Maksaens Denis, Jean-Ulrick Désert, Humberto Díaz, Edouard Duval-Carrié, Jeannette Ehlers, Edgar Endress with incarcerated Haitians, Sofía Gallisá Muriente, Lilian Garcia Roig, Maria Elena González, Andil Gosine, Marlon Griffith, David Gumbs, Quisqueya Henríquez, Sasha Huber, Charles Juhasz-Alvarado, Jean-Luc de Laguarigue, Marc Latamie, Glenda León, Sofia Maldonado, Carlos Martiel, María Martínez-Cañas and Kim Brown, Jason Mena, Ibrahim Miranda, Kishan Munroe, Angel Otero, Raquel Paiewonsky, Lynn Parotti, Manuel Piña, Jorge Pineda, Barbara Prézeau, Jimmy Robert, Glenda Salazar Leyva, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Nyugen Smith, Lisa C Soto, Ellen Spijkstra, Sandra Stephens and David Sansone, Didier William

Artists on view at the Sugar Hill Children’s Museum: Firelei Báez, Christopher Cozier, Ricardo de Armas, Humberto Díaz, Jeannette Ehlers, Frances Gallardo, Scherezade Garcia, Marlon Griffith, Adler Guerrier, Quisqueya Henríquez, Nadia Huggins, Karlo Andrei Ibarra, Deborah Jack, Miguel Luciano, Jason Mena, Manuel Piña, Marianela Orozco, Charo Oquet, Fausto Ortiz, Ebony G. Patterson, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Roberto Stephenson, Juana Valdes, Limber Vilorio

Artist on view at Miller Theatre:
Joiri Minaya, “Tropical Surfaces” series, site-specific installation

Image: David Gumbs, Water and Dreams, 2014. Detail, Digital video still. Courtesy of the artist.

Pacific Standard Time LA/LA 2017: Relational Undercurrents

Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago, Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA), Long Beach, California, USA. September 16, 2017 – March 28, 2018

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MOLAA will join other arts institutions across Southern California in participation with Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA 2017, an exploration of Latin American and Latino art in a series of related exhibitions opening in September 2017 and running through January 2018.

Relational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago will call attention to a region of the Americas that is difficult to categorize and often overlooked: the island nations of the Caribbean. The exhibition proposes an “archipelagic model”— defining the Caribbean from the perspective of its archipelago of islands, as distinct from the continental experience—to study issues around race, history, the legacy of colonialism, and the environment.

Relational Undercurrents will emphasize the thematic continuities of art made throughout the archipelago and its diasporas, challenging conventional geographic and conceptual boundaries of Latin America. This approach draws particular attention to issues arising from the colonial legacy that are relevant to Latin America as a whole, but which emerge as central to the work of 21st-century Caribbean artists.

The exhibition is divided into four thematic sections: Conceptual Mappings, Perpetual Horizons, Landscape Ecologies and Representational Acts and features artists whose works have informed and shaped those themes. With over eighty artists and occupying the entire museum space, Relational Undercurrents includes painting, installation art, sculpture, photography, video, and performance. It is accompanied by a lavishly illustrated catalogue with commissioned essays by scholars and curators. Curated by Dr. Tatiana Flores.

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