Image of a painting by Lynn Parotti

The space between want

City States was a series of international exhibitions exploring the cultural dynamics between cities and states as a part of the Liverpool Biennial 2010 exhibited in the Contemporary Urban Centre. The Caribbean Pavilion featured: Three Moments and was derived from Stuart Hall’s essay ‘Modernity and Its Others: Three “Moments”. Symbolized by three Caribbean islands; The Bahamas, Martinique and Barbados – ten artists were selected on their ability to make work that responds to contemporary and historical global themes. Three Moments was selected and curated by Dominique Brebion (Martinique), Alissandra Cummins (Barbados), David A. Bailey (London), and Allison Thompson (Barbados) in collaboration with the ICF (International Curators’ Forum).

Parotti’s The Space Between Want was an installation signifying layers or interpretations of history from differing perspectives with an inconsistency of representation. Three aspects of perceived Bahamian attitude towards life were painted in oils on canvas: Caribbean sweet sex (Roadside Valentine), worship (Abandoned Anglican Church) and the desire for wealth (Haitian Migrant). Upside-down reflections of dock quays of colonial industry, shipping and finance were painted on glass and suspended in the centre of the space using shackles and chain (Seaforth Docks, Tate & Lyle, West India Docks, Canary Wharf).